TUBER Planter - Medium (700)

12-14 weeks; special order
Tuber Model:

Created to last generations and weather with character, the mighty TUBER is crafted from African Iroko, a hard timber often used for boatbuilding, flooring and outdoor furniture. The Tuber’s enduring strength is derived from individual cut pieces of wood bolted together internally with stainless steel pins and hand assembled into a pleasing bulbous form.

Tuber planter detail

As it names implies the Tuber sits as if it is rooted in the ground. It solid bearing means it can be interspersed randomly, bunched as a large centerpiece or grouped in large numbers to create exciting journeys through a vast space. The Tuber would be particularly suitable when creating an indoor forest installation.

 production-of tuber planter


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22.5"W x 28"H 


TUBER planters can be ordered raw or oiled and sealed. Raw - it will age and grey into a beautiful hue. If sitting outdoors this process will happen faster than indoors. Due to the nature of timber it can split and crack. This could be a result of the climatic conditions under which the original tree grew, which influence the mineral and oil content of the timber, and also any weaknesses in the structure of the wood itself. It is impossible to tell in advance how a piece of timber is going to respond through the years. The drier and sunnier the climate the faster cracks may happen. Indoors air conditioning and heating can also dry out timber. Regular oiling of the wood does feed and protect it from cracking and if cracks appear Balcotan glue can be pressed into cracks to slow the expansion process. Whilst our wood elements have been designed to last many years they will weather and crack along the way. Clients need to decide to go with the greying and cracking of the natural wood or oiling and sealing regularly which darkens the wood but protects it from the elements. The wood may also leak pigments. This is a natural process which can be cleaned off the floor using normal cleaning methods. These pigments do not stain. 

The Liner

The liner for all planters consists of three pieces 1. The bucket with inner ledge 2. The watering pipe and level indicator 3. A rubber stopper at the bottom of the bucket First determine whether the planter will be exposed to rain or undercover. If rain falls directly on to the plant, then remove the rubber stopper from the base of the bucket. This will allow the rainfall water to pass through the liner and not water-log the plant. Next place the inner ledge into the bucket with the round hole for the pipe raised at the highest point. Then place the pipe into the hole. The liner can now be placed into the planter ready for planting. You may need to shift slightly to align the wood/cork top and base as there is a tolerance allowed for in the design due to the variances found with natural materials