Terra Cotta French Bowls / set of 2 sizes

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Flat Rate $25/ pair

Grace your tabletop or planter groupings with a touch of French design by using a pair of French Bowls. 

With their elegant form, these garland festooned bowls can add a touch of elegance to any setting.

Using Superior Clays

The process of making these planters starts by collecting mineral-rich black clay from Vietnamese riverbeds, a material renowned worldwide for its remarkable strength. Once in the studio, several types of clay are mixed together in huge vats. 

Next, the clay is extruded repeatedly to completely eliminate all airspaces. This is critical to ensure the frostproof nature of of this pottery.

Once the pots have been formed by hand, the firing process begins under the watchful eye of the master potter. Wood fires heat the kilns to 1400° Centigrade and are kept stoked to maintain that temperature for a full two weeks.

Firing in wood kilns gives each bowl container its distinctive character. By contrast, most other pottery is manufactured in gas kilns, creating commonplace commodities, rather than individual works of art.

The lengthy firing at high heat fuses the clay and glaze together. Upon cooling, they form a unified surface – not two separate ones, as in many other pots. This lends an extra measure of strength to the finished vessels.


  • 26" w x 13.5" H  - LARGE
  • 18" w x 8.5"H  - MEDIUM


  • *Flat rate shipping for this pair $25