NEST Raised Bed Planters | 3 sizes


Nest Planter Raised Garden with auto water reservoir

Everyone is excited with the new NEST RAISED BED PLANTERS with the integrated TruDrop self-watering system. The ideal elevated garden bed that luckily will blend beautifully into your designs without created an eye sore. Use it in residential projects to provide homeowners with a custom herb garden near their outdoor kitchen. With three sizes to choose from even small condo balconies can have one.

The NEST RAISED BED PLANTER includes the TruDrop self watering design that helps to maintain potted plants, flowers or vegetables. The double-walled planter holds enough water for 2–6 weeks; simply fill as needed and the TruDrop system keeps plants thriving without overwatering. The 36" raised height of the box makes planting, weeding and harvesting more comfortable while decorator colors offer stylish options for the patio or garden. Add optional trellises (sold separately) to grow tomatoes, vines and greenhouse plants.

The Nest Planter has a trudrop-indicator to show its interior water level

  • Made of colorful textured polyethylene with sturdy and durable E-coated stainless steel legs.
  • Self-watering design features the TruDrop system, with a double-walled reservoir that ensures proper watering for 2–6 weeks.
  • Elevated design makes gardening more comfortable and helps keep pets away from plants.
  • Custom-sized covers and trellises (sold separately) are available for growing tomatoes, vines and greenhouse plants.
  • Simple assembly required.

 The Nest Planter is available in a multiple range of colors with its stainless steel base

 Each Nest Planter is Complete with the True Drop Watering System


nest-planter-sizes dimensions

18" W x 36" L x 36" H - Small ; 44lb

22" W x 44" L x 36" H - Medium ; 56lb

30" W x 48" L x 36" H - Large ; 70lb


The Nest Planters have an optional Trellis system to support vertical plantings