Leather Taurus Indoor Planter


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taurus-leather planter-from-crescent-garden.

Fabricated in the tradition of Spanish craftsmanship, this is the ideal luxury planter to bring warmth to any indoor space. Made from real leather, sewn to perfection with an ornamental stitch pattern. Tanned in perfect uniformity, this leather planter is beautiful and unique.

Features the HF self-watering system

Completely Sealed For Indoor Use Only
Includes draining rocks and water reservoir
Easy to maintain
5-year limited warranty

The refined design and rich textures of Crescent Garden’s HF planters make it an exclusive selection for upscale residential and commercial properties. These planters come with the HF self-watering system with draining pebbles that requires minimal watering indoors. Manufactured with quality craftsmanship backed by a 5 year warranty, the HF planters use premium quality materials.

crescent-taurus-leather-planter dimensions

A HF Planter contains a self-watering system that provides the necessary amount of water for the plants.

A drainage bag comes included with each HF planter; its contents are sufficient to complete the following steps: 1. Spread the drainage material uniformly on top of the conductors until they are covered by a layer approximately 2 centimetres. 2. Cover the drainage layer with soil, leaving a hole for each plant that you wish to plant in your HF planter. 3. Before planting each plant in its corresponding hole we recommend that you loosen the roots (without breaking them), which will encourage the plants to take root in their new soil. If your intend to plant more than a plant, we suggest that you start with the biggest. 4. After planting the FIRST time, it is important to water the soil, slowly and at intervals until soil and drainage layer is moist and the water tank is full. The level shown on the indicator rod will rise beyond this point as it will be detrimental both for your plants and for the correct functioning of your HFplanter.