European Zinc Planters - Square (Large)

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loire-planter dimensionsEither of these zinc coated steel Loire Planters will bring an instant European flavor to your entry or parterre garden. There are two sizes offered and each can stand alone, but they also look great when paired together in a tiered planting. Plant a larger topiary in one and use your favorite seasonal color in the other.

Zinc Coating Process:

These planters are hot dip-galvanized by dipping them into a hot zinc bath to protect the steel from rust and add a seasoned finish detail.  The zinc coating process begins by taking the cleaned steel planter and dipping it into a bath zinc coating. This process is known as hot-dip galvanizing.  


  • Large Loire Planter 22.00"W x 22.00"H - Weighs 66 pounds
  • X-Large Loire Planter 26.75"W x 26.75"H - Weighs 92 pounds


  • *It is important to note: when planting these containers, it is necessary to use interior pot liners or grow bags to prevent premature finish erosion.
  • This price includes curb-side drop shipping to a residence. free-shipping-image.jpg