Contour Commercial Lightweight Planter



campania-contour-planter gfrc

CONTOUR PLANTER in 3 SIZES  - Campania's 13 finishes are offered on these lightweight planters suitable for those locations that need size without extra weight. The good looks of each stone textured finish contributes to a beautiful planter with simple design profiles in lightweight GFRC.

Campania’s GFRC, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a Portland cement based composite material with moisture resistant glass fibers randomly dispersed throughout the material. The fibers serve as reinforcement to enhance the concrete’s flexural, tensile, and impact strength. The glass fibers used are high zirconia alkali resistant. The GFRC is manufactured using the spray up technique resulting in a wall thickness of approximately ½" (tolerance +/- 1/8"). The high compressive strength of our GFRC results in a frost proof, thaw proof, rust proof, and fire proof material that meets the standards for commercial use. GFRC is manufactured and imported from our partner factory in the Philippines.



  • Available in a choice of thirteen (13) exclusive natural pigment stains. All of the patinas are hand applied in a multi-step process which produces unique and beautiful surface finishes. Designed to replicate the look of naturally aged materials, the patinas will not prevent the natural aging process that occurs in an outdoor environment. Rather than creating uniform stains, our approach gives our products their unique beauty and appeal.
  • Shown in Travertine (TR) - Finishes applied in 3-4 weeks to stock planters
  • Planting Drainage Hole in Base



SMALL - 28"W x 22"H - 80 lbs - 12" Dia Base

MEDIUM - 38"W x 30"H - 115 lbs - 16" Dia Base

LARGE - 47"W x 35"H - 180 lbs - 25" Dia Base