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Since its introduction, this tanning ledge accessory has given reason for pools to include shallow baja ledges and sun shelves.  These submersible in-pool chaises have become the most desired crème de la crème lounging chaise on the pool scene.


Guests at the finest luxury resorts experience the comfortable signature S curve design and now you can create that environment in your home pool. Each rotational molded SIGNATURE CHAISE provides your body with a contoured, comfortable place to relax on your tanning ledge or baja shelf with just enough water contact to keep you refreshed 


Designed for water depths up to 9"
(15.5" water depth max with Riser Adapter option)

  • Crafted from ultra-strong color stabilized polyethylene
  • Rated for 20,000 hours of sun (UV20 rating)
  • Safe for vinyl, fiberglass, tile & plaster surfaces
  • Contoured to support the body
  • Easy to fill with chlorinated water for added weight

34 lbs empty | 144 lbs full

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ledge-lounger shade signature in pool

  • Shade your face from the Suns glare while you relax on the ledge
  • Add a SUNSHADE with your choice of frame and fabric color
  • Integrated Tablet Holder for your IPAD




Does your Ledge have 9"-15.5" water ?

We recommend the Signature Chaise DEEP instead

or to prevent floating to this Chaise model, ADD a RISER ADAPTER ACCESSORY


signature-riser-adapter colors


Each chaise is packaged for safe arrival and is quick to set up right out of the box. Read our blog post for chaise filling instructions. 


70" L x 23" w x 22" h x 7.5" water clearance beneath legs

Signature Chaise Measurements and weights


Products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot for two (2) years from the date of purchase for both commercial and residential use.

Customers FAQ

The Signature Chaise and all in pool products from Ledge Lounger have the ability to get filled with pool water to displace the air inside with water and hold it inside its core with a resin screw. This is how "weight" is introduced to make them heavy enough to prevent floating.  You can see a quick synopsis of the fill process HERE.

Occasionally, your in-pool Ledge Lounger product may require a thorough cleaning. Imbalances in pH and alkalinity can lead to the accumulation of scale and residues such as sunscreen and lotion on the resin material at the waterline. However, there's no need to worry because the cleaning process is simple!

For seasonal cleaning refer to our post with more DETAILS. To begin, it is recommended to clean with water. If that doesn't suffice, you can try using a mild household cleaner, a magic cleaning sponge, or a Calcium, Lime, and Rust (CLR) cleaner. In case a more intensive cleaning is necessary, Bio-Dex 300 Swimming Pool Tile Cleaner is highly recommended. This product is available at most pool supply stores as well as on Amazon.

If you find that Bio-Dex 300 is required, follow these steps:

Remove your Ledge Lounger product(s) from the pool and drain them appropriately.
In a well-ventilated area and while wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE), apply Bio-Dex 300 to a soft scrubbing pad.
Scrub the affected areas of your Ledge Lounger product in a circular motion. Apply pressure and continue applying the cleaner until you achieve the desired results.
Once the cleaning is complete, rinse your Ledge Lounger product thoroughly with clean water.
Allow your Ledge Lounger product to dry appropriately.
By following these steps, you can ensure that your Ledge Lounger product remains clean and in good condition.