Woosah Pool Ledge Chairs | 2 Pack


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tenjam-woosah-splash-pool ledge lounger chair-set

Woosah Splash In-Pool Lounge Chair—a luxurious tanning ledge chair designed for ultimate comfort. Experience the bliss of its high back, ergonomic contouring, and armrests that gently cradle your arms and shoulders, promoting relaxation. Crafted from durable molded polyethylene, this chair is built to withstand the elements and pool chemicals, ensuring lasting enjoyment in any environment. Useful poolside or in-pool - Simply lift and place on ledge. 

This comfortable set has normal “Adirondack” seating height for optimal comfort in the pool or on the patio. If you have a sun shelf with water depth of 13″ or less it will resist movement from light waves or wind. If you have water depth over 13″ you can still use this chair in your pool, but when you are not sitting in the chair you may notice floating and movement. When placed in the pool Woosah does fill itself and quickly settles on the sun shelf. When removing Woosah from the pool it fully drains for use on your patio.

– Combo Set includes: 2 Chairs + 2 chair bases
– In-Pool images show White Granite Finish
– No Rusting = zero metal components
– Great ergonomic seat profile and tall backrest
– Strong - supports up to 350 lbs
– Easy to add to and remove from the pool
– Easy Fill/Drain - No plugs to deal with
– Patent Pending base attachment system
– Quick initial assembly DIRECTIONS.pdf (base to chair)
– Seat Drain opening (11.5" off floor)

Chair leg bases are rounded and safe for use in all types of pool surfaces, including vinyl liner