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Tenjam has designed the pinnacle of tanning ledge chaises. The Shayz is expertly crafted with contoured body and lumbar support to be the worlds most comfortable pool lounger. It is the only one available with supporting armrests that contain integrated cupholders for handy beverage access. For use out of the box on a baja shelf with up to 5” of water depth, with an optional riser kit it can function without floating on a cabo shelf up to 17" deep.




  • Seat and lumbar area - contoured to support the lower back
  • Backrest angled for conversations & reading
  • Optional Adjustable Pillow-EZ Dri foam insert and rear storage pocket
  • Natural arch on the lower leg support reduces pressure points
  • Armrests boost overall comfort & support ease of ingress/egress
  • Speed Fill/Emptying System - The Easiest to empty for quickly removing from the pool
  • Molded of UV Stabilized Resin - Can support upwards of 400 lbs
  • Safe for pool ledge and shelf surfaces -  Plaster, Tile, Pebble, Vinyl & Fiberglass
  • 5 Year warranty against material and manufacturing defects
  • 34 lbs empty | 90 lbs full of water | Easy lift handles






shayz-riser-seat bottom-height

    • Risers prevent SHAYZ from floating in water depths greater than 5" 
    • No Risers are needed for 5" or less water depth
    • Risers snap on and remove easily
    • Riser kits include front and rear risers for each Shayz (2 per Shayz/4 per Order Unit)
    • Risers work in unison with the optional Shelf Control Ballast System/pump
    • Risers lift Shayz without changing comfort seating angles
    • Risers can be removed and stacked for storage allowing Shayz to stack 


Botanik Customer Questions

Yes, SHAYZ risers are needed in over 5" water. The presence of water weight and the force of gravity can affect the stability of your SHAYZ. If submerged in water beyond the recommended depth limits, the weight of the SHAYZ will eventually reach a buoyancy threshold, causing it to lift from the ledge in the foot area. Consequently, this will result in an unstable floating state when unoccupied. It's important to note that surpassing the suggested depth ratings by larger margins will amplify the effects of buoyancy. With the largest risers on, the Shayz will operate as intended in water up to 17" deep without floating.

5 YEARS. Tenjam makes products for pools and schools- two of the toughest environments for furniture to survive. Manufactured in the USA, Tenjam rotomolded polyethylene (hard plastic furniture) SPLASH Series In-Pool furniture has a comprehensive 5-year warranty to cover manufacturing and material defects, providing you with peace of mind and the highest standard of quality.

The headrest pillows are weatherproof and can be left outside on the Shayz when its not occupied. 

The Speed Fill ballast system on each Shayz allows for quick fill up and emptying of the Shayz with chlorinated pool water. The quickest method to fill with water involves dunking the Shayz in the pool to displace the air inside and fill its core. While the pump can be used in lieu of dunking, it is more often a helpful item used to "top off" the water level. It is quickly connected to the side valve and pumps air out until water reaches valve level and then begins to overflow through the valve. At that point it is full to its capacity and you can close the valve and remove pump.

The Shayz loungers are the most compact tanning lounger we offer and can fit on a pool ledge that is as short as 49" long when using without a riser. If your water depth requires a riser be used then a few more inches will be needed, at least 52" in total. Ideally, you might desire additional space to walk around the front of SHAYZ and if you are in the design stage many customers have found that a ledge length of 72" provides an ideal amount of space.

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