Tenjam Shayz Accessory Water Fill Pump


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Manual Vacuum Pump for Speed Fill Ballast System 

Vacuum Pump: Every Shayz includes a vacuum valve. The vacuum pump allows the user to set Shayz on the tanning ledge (see maximum pool depths above). Then attach the pump hose to the port on the vacuum valve and pump for 1 to 2 minutes until water begins to eject from the pump. This pump action draws air out of the Shayz core and water is drawn into the Shayz core through multiple openings on the bottom of the lounger. This action keeps water in the core due to the vacuum pressure and adds extra ballast weight to Shayz to make it more resistant to movement from wave and wind action. Refer to the Riser Heights  above to see the maximum water depths for each Riser height. Often the ballast system isn't needed. Only when the water depth is within 4" of the maximum depth will you need to utilize the ballast system and this optional vacuum pump is just an added convenience for topping off the ballast system when needed.