How to Fill a Ledge Lounger Chaise with Water?

Mar 19, 2019

Gather Your Tools 

Step 1    

On the bottom of the Signature chaise, locate the two threaded plugs and unscrew them using a Large flathead screwdriver.  Set them aside, as you will re-install these once water has been added.

Step 2    

You will next fill the chaise with pool water by turning it over and submerging it completely in a face down position.  The uncapped openings will be facing upwards allowing chlorinated water to enter through the two openings. Use of a garden hose IS NOT recommended as you run the risk of over-filling and warping the shell.

Step 3

Hold the seat below water until the air is completely removed and all bubbles have subsided.  Tilting and rotating the chaise into different positions will help extract the air. It is important that you fill with water from the pool and not use a garden hose.

Step 4    

Once the air bubbles are gone, reinstall the plugs to seal up the openings without letting any water escape. The plugs should be tightened to be completely flush with the bottom of your seat before moving on. After you have sealed up the reservoir, gather some strength and guide the chaise into the desired position on your sunshelf. Use caution to avoid scratching or damaging the chaise during this step.

Step 5    

Once in place, you can now sit back and relax in water, in style. Alternate installation methods are not recommended by Ledge Lounger. Please adhere to their instructions to avoid scratching or damaging the products.


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