Shelbourne Planter




An exquisite blend of design and artistry, the Shelbourne Planter & Pedestal stands as a paragon of elegance, destined to be the focal point of any formal garden, refined patio, or sun-drenched courtyard. Its gracefully curved profile, perched atop the charming Shelbourne pedestal, radiates an air of refinement and sophistication. Brimming with a fragrant bouquet of flowers, this planter transforms its surroundings into a vibrant tapestry of color, fragrance, and beauty. Picture the sense of pride that will wash over you each time you behold this enchanting floral arrangement. Embrace the pleasure of outdoor moments with your loved ones, enveloped in an inviting and uplifting ambiance of sheer beauty.




  • Pedestal 16.5" Sq. Base x 17" H - 280 lbs
  • Planter 21.75" Square x 21.5" H - 162 lbs
  • Total Installed Height 38.5" H

Planter Details:

  • Cast Stone / Made in USA
  • Inside Top: 19" 
  • Inside Bottom: 9"
  • Inside Height 15.75"

 One Drainage Hole / centered