SHAYZ | Tanning Ledge Pool Chaise Lounger


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2 units
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Shayz Loungers are a comfortable chaise lounge chair for in-pool tanning ledges made in the USA by Tenjam. They offer refined comfort for hours of relaxation, with a contoured seat for lower back support and a comfortable backrest angle for conversations or monitoring children.

tenjam shayz-in-pool-tanning-ledge-chaise-lounger-features

In comparison to other in pool loungers, the Shayz has a relaxed and natural angle in its leg support area that reduces pressure points. The dual armrests provide support along with built in cupholders to keep refreshments at your side. The armrests are in a perfect comfort position and provide assistance when getting in/out. 

tenjam-shayz-pool chair dimensions

Tenjam Shayz specifications

This baja shelf chaise can adapt to multiple water depths with optional matching risers that attach to the bottom and elevate the seat.  With the riser accessory, you can choose to sit in or above the water with any of the 3 riser options that support water depths up to 17" without floating.

shayz-risers adapt to multiple-water-depths on the tanning ledge


tenjam-pool shayz-comfort-pillow option in 3 colors 


  • Optional pillow allows for vertical positioning without needing to stand
  • Shayz is stackable for storage
  • UV color stability for years of sun exposure
  • Includes Vacuum Pump Fill Assist
  • Strong - Can Support upwards of 400lbs
  • Safe for many pool surfaces - Plaster, Pebble, Vinyl & Fiberglass
  • The seat and lumbar are contoured to support the the lower back
  • The backrest angle is comfortable for conversations or reading
  • A relaxed and natural angle on the leg support reduces pressure points.
  • Dual armrests boost overall comfort with cupholders in a perfect position for a refreshment
  • 31 lbs Empty | 90 lbs full of water
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