FROU FROU Outdoor Umbrella

SYMO Parasols

Made to Order: 4 - 7 weeks

The Unique Frou Frou Fringe Umbrella for OutdoorsFROU FROU UMBRELLA

A unique wind responsive shade parasol that don't take itself too seriously and yet finds harmony with its environment. Each breeze lets it dance to the rhythm of the wind and bring a playful dynamic to your terrace, sunshelf or patio with its continuous movement and flat form.

Unique Frou Frou outdoor Umbrella on site at a Resort Pool
“FROU FROU” is derived from the French verb Frou Frouter, which means “to rustle”. The design of this unique umbrella is inspired by the traditional archetype of the raffia parasol from exotic resorts. The raffia detailing evokes images of warm, sandy beaches with waving palms and rustling skirts. Even when the sun is not shining, the look of the parasol will bring a smile to your guests faces.

Under a normal parasol, you are looking at the visual unattractive techniques of ribs, pulleys etc. The concept of placing this parasol “upside down” stemmed from an aesthetic perspective: the mechanical parts are hidden from view (situated on the top of the parasol) and the raffia freely hangs in the wind.This parasol is opened manually and clicks into position automatically with the aid of springs (much the same way as a simple umbrella).

White Frou Frou Umbrella Elegance

The slightest breeze lets the polypropylene raffia dance to the rhythm of the wind. The rustling of the wind through the raffia produces a very attractive sound, just like the wind blowing through a wheat field.

The form, a flat, horizontal disc on a slender, stainless steel vertical pole looks original and surprising: this is not a "traditional parasol." It is an attractive, contemporary object that shades the terrace in a beautiful way.

The heavy weighted base integrates cleanly to this umbrella, creating a stunning visual unit when paired in a matching color and is a recommended addition.

Designed by the very talented designer Davy GROSEMANS, the FROU FROU in available in 3 versions, White, Black and Green. 

Frou Frou Umbrella on an Urban Balcony


  • 98.5" Top; 15.5" Fringe
  • 102" Overall Height
  • 82.5" Head Clearance
  • Pole 1.5" D

Symo Frou Frou Umbrella Dimensions


  • 1.5" Diameter Pole Stainless Steel 316 Finish: Natural Brushed Finish
  • Parasol Ribs: Powder Coated Aluminum


  • TOP: Airtex polyester fabric (matches raffia selection)
  • RAFFIA: Polypropylene fringes


  • Sealable Polyester Ripstop - Color Gray

Symo Frou Frou Umbrella Cover specifications


Standard 29" Round: 90lb, White or Black Powder Coating

Extra Weight Option for strong winds: (2 pieces) 44lb. total, White or Black Powder Coating

Frou Frou Umbrella Base Options


bla-bla-table-symo Frou Frou Option

Dimensions: 23" Round Steel Table; fits to pole; Finish in White or Black Powder Coating

Umbrella Wind resistance: 30 mph 

Interior Handling: spring

Umbrella Alone Weight: 48 lbs 

Frou Frou in the Closed Position