The Angle | Polished Concrete In Pool Lounger


Hand fabricated upon order - Ships 6-8 weeks
Minimum Purchase:
2 units
Crating/Ship/Curbside Delivery:
$350 per unit

tanning-ledge-angle-chaise-in-pool lounger

The Angle | A Luxury Polished Concrete In-Pool Chaise  This pool tanning ledge lounge seat is a true luxury statement piece. It is not only elegant & bold in design, but is build to last and withstand the test of time. You will be happy to know that this pool ledge or patio chair is entirely hand crafted right here in the USA.  Designed for a ultra long life of 15+ years and carry a 3 year structural warranty each is engineered to stand the harsh in-pool or windy patio conditions.  Diamond polished and buffed by hand to a smooth finish that resembles a marble countertop. The bottom of our chair has a rubber protection pad at all contact points to protect your pools surface.
These statement pieces are designed to be extremely durable in high UV climates & to withstand extreme weather events.  The weight of this piece allows it to remain in place and the hard fastened cushions will not blow around even in high wind. Many designers have been switching to these for use on luxury ocean front properties or other areas that are susceptible high storm conditions.

Each fabricated from ultra high strength 14,000 PSI Glass Fiber Reinforced Waterproof Concrete. Hand-polished right here in the USA, each is brought to an ultra smooth finish before being coated with a clear sealing system that provides protection from the harsh outdoor or in-pool environment.

The quality goes more than skin deep, the integral Titanium White coloration of each piece is mixed throughout the concrete and not topically applied.

the-angle-chaise-with-headrest-pillow ledge lounger


Optional Sunbrella Fabric pillows for additional comfort


  • Chair Size:  70” long x 22 1/2” tall x 24” wide / 165 lbs
  • Weight capacity 450 lbs
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Due to the fact that each piece is hand-made, there will be slight variations in color, texture size & weight
  • Color: The Titanium White color of each piece is integrally mixed throughout the concrete not topically applied
  • Water Depth Rating : 0"-12"

They are each manufactured out of a high strength and a highly modified version of pool plaster concrete.  This concrete is engineered for the in-pool environment, but in rare cases & due to the vast selection of different pool chemicals and pool water environments there could develop some slight discoloring and surface etching.  If staining or etching occurs, often the situation can be corrected simply by changing a simple pool chemical

The chair carries a 3 year structural warranty* and 15 year color guard protection. Each piece is engineered to weather the harsh in-pool or patio conditions. Structural warranty does not cover surface blemishes, staining, etching or abuse of chair (abuse of chair = jumping off, dropping, jumping on, overloading, etc).