Oxford Rectangular Trough Planter


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Offered in 2 well proportioned sizes, the OXFORD RECTANGULAR TROUGH planters can be selected from 3 finishes that are sure to enhance your garden setting, indoors or out. Available individually or in a Value Package that includes one of each size.

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The Oxford Rectangular Lite® planters are rated for both indoor and outdoor use and are frequently specified for entryways, rooftops and terraces,  public space installations, and restaurants. They are a great choice for projects that do not allow for heavy-weight materials and where large scale plantings are required. Because of their light weight, fiberglass planters are easier to ship and handle. Campania’s Oxford Planters are fabricated of a composite material that consists of unsaturated polyester resin, sand, stone powder, talc powder, and fiberglass. The Oxford Large rectangular planters can withstand UV exposure and extreme temperatures. While they are considered frost-resistant, these lightweight containers should be brought in during the winter and stored in a covered, frost-free location away from the elements. Additionally, they won’t corrode due to exposure or direct contact with soil. There is no need to use plastic liners with Oxford planters.

Scratch Resistant - Commercial Quality Fiberglass
Produced by a Patented Process using Clay and Natural Materials
Durable, Non Flammable and Eco Friendly
U.V Resistant
Planting Drainage Hole in Base (3/4" x 2) offset centered


X-Large - 39"L x 23.5"H x 19.75"D | 41 lbs | Inside Top 35.25 x 16" | Soil Capacity 6.5 cubic ft
Large - 31.5"L x 19.75"H x 15"D| 26 lbs | Inside Top 27.75" x 11.25" | Soil Capacity 3 cubic ft



Care & Maintenance Outdoor Planting Instructions:

These fiberglass planters are equipped with pre-installed drainage holes and raised feet to allow for drainage. The drain holes must be kept clear to maintain the longevity of your planter, especially in climates that undergo freeze thaw cycles in the winter.

We recommend covering the drain holes with a mesh screen or equivalent to keep debris from clogging the openings; Filling the bottom of the planter with non-porous drainage material; Filling the remainder of the planter with a well-draining soil mix that will not retain water; and lastly, covering the soil with decorative mulch or pine bark to the top rim of the planter to discourage water from pooling on the surface.

Cleaning Instructions:

Campania Lite® planters can be cleaned with either water or Windex® with Ammonia-D. Spray down the surface of the planter where it is dirty and use a lint-free cloth or sponge to wipe the surface. Note that it may take several cycles of wiping and drying before the planter is completely clean. This is normal and to be expected with the texture in the fiberglass. Do not pressure wash, use alcohol based cleaners, apply corrosive cleaners or clean with anything abrasive. 

Campania International, Inc. provides a limited 3 year warranty for material and manufacturing defects only assuming proper product care and maintenance as described in Campania’s product specifications. Please refer to Campania’s care instructions for proper care and maintenance. In addition to the failure to properly care for and maintain the product, this limited warranty does not apply to any defects which occur in the color or surface of the product which are the result of natural weathering, exposure to the elements or improper winterization. Campania International, Inc. will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damage to any plants which may have been planted in the product