Long Tom Vase Planters


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longtom2-planter-by Capital Gardens England

This classic LONG TOM shape has been used by generations of gardeners since the Victorian era of 1890. The word Long Tom originates from a French fortress cannon used in the Boer War and is available in a classic black or terracotta textural finish in 3 sizes.

We recommend using the elegant classic fiberglass shape singularly or in a grouping of all 3 sizes as its suited to filling with rustic decorative sticks or live plants and foliage. Where space is at a premium the narrow shape of the Long Tom makes a perfect solution.

long-tom-planter-doorway-england garden fiberglass


  • SMALL: 25.6 h x 8.7" top x 5.9" base ; 6 lbs; soil capacity 17 liters
  • MEDIUM: 33.5" h x 11.8" top x 7.9" base; 9 lbs; soil capacity 42 liters
  • LARGE: 39.4" h x 13.8" top x 9.4" base; 11 lbs; soil capacity 69 liters

Available with Drainage Hole for Exterior Use or Solid Bottom For Interior Use