LEDGE LOUNGER Accessory | Riser - Adapter

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Fabricated Upon Order, Ships 7-21 days post order date

With a deep tanning ledge and this accessory, you will no longer be left out of the Water Furniture Revolution.

The new ADD ON accessory from Ledge Lounger can be used in water ledges that are deeper than the Signature Lines out of the box recommended water depths. This innovative solution that works with the Signature Series Chair, Chaise or Chaise DEEP in deeper waters will expand the recommended water depth usage to as much as 20" deep. 

Refer to the chart below for your particular piece & make a selection that is recommended by the manufacturer for your shelf water depth. Each riser is then custom fabricated in the color of your choosing.

Ledge Lounger Signature Series Riser Adapters

Available in one of 4 solid resin colors, each base discreetly adapts to the underside of the Signature furnishings.




Pairs with Signature Chaise

$109.00 Signature Chaise - (A) for 9" - 12" water depth

$129.00 Signature Chaise - (B) for 12"-14" water depth

$139.00 Signature Chaise - (C) for 14" - 15.5" water depth

Pairs with Signature Chaise DEEP

$119.00 Signature Chaise Deep - (D) for 15" - 18.5" water depth

$129.00 Signature Chaise Deep - (E) for 18.5" - 20" water depth

Pairs with Signature Chair

$109.00 Signature Chair - (F) for 10" - 12" water depth
$119.00 Signature Chair - (G) for 12" - 15" water depth
$129.00 Signature Chair - (H) for 15" - 18" water depth
$139.00 Signature Chair - (I) for 18" - 20" water depth 




white.pngLedge Lounger CloudLedge Lounger GrayLedge Lounger Brown

Ledge Lounger Chaise Deep Riser Installation


Fed Ex - $21.00 per unit

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