LAZE Pillow Luxury Pool Float | Shibori Gray Sunbrella


FED EX $49

Fabricated Upon Order | 2-4 week lead-time

laze-pillow-poolThe Laze Pillow is not your average Pool float. This is a low maintenance luxury float that doesn't need air to inflate. When the bean bag as you know it meets a luxury pool float, your left with the LAZE pillow and I can tell you that your'e definitely in for a treat.

Skip the hassle of inflating and relax anywhere your pillow flops, water or land.  

Ships assembled (in a big box) You simply unbox, recycle the carton and you are ready to lay down on water or land.


Whether floating in the pool or relaxing on the lawn, the removable pillow cover provides Durable Sunbrella comfort you never knew you needed.

Spend less time inflating and cleaning and more time in the pool- Fade and mold resistant fabrics 

You can adjust the number of pellets on the interior to your liking - Leave it full if you dont want to get wet and remove some if you want to partially submerge yourself.


laze-pillow-lawnDimensions: 68" x 44" x 9.5" 

INTERCHANGEABLE COVERS - Choose from 6 fun patterns that can be replaced via easy zipper removal.



Float has 2 fabrics - 1 per side and can be utilized on either side for relaxing