Garden Hose Holder | Glazed Terra Cotta Pot


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Glazed Terra Cotta Garden Hose Pots are designed to discreetly store your unsightly garden hose, up to 50' in length. Simple elegant shape now offered in two glazed finishes. Each Pot has an opening for the hose entry point near the base and also a single drainage hole to allow excess water to escape.



DIMENSIONS: 21"W X 13.75"H

Holds 50' Hose

Weight: 59 lbs


Materials: Natural clay

Cleaning Instructions: Terra Cotta planters can be cleaned with either mild soapy water or Windex® with Ammonia-D. Spray down the surface of the planter where it is dirty and use a lint-free cloth or sponge to wipe the surface. Note that it may take several cycles of wiping and drying before the planter is completely clean. Do not pressure wash, use alcohol based cleaners, apply corrosive cleaners or clean with anything abrasive.

Hose not included