DOWNING STREET Square Planter | Fiberglass




The DOWNING STREET SQUARE PLANTERS are beautiful reproductions of a 17th Century lead planter that can be seen in the garden of 10 Downing Street in London. Bring a classic design at a fraction of the weight into your garden with its strong linear pattern that works in traditional and contemporary settings alike. Works well in groupings of various sizes, you will find this planter has one to fit your garden needs.






  • Lightweight material that is appropriate when weight is an issue on a balcony or roof garden

  • Completely frost proof and non-corrosive

  • Totally maintenance free

  • Suitable for indoor use without drainage hole and outdoor use with drainage hole all year round


Faux Lead and Antique Faux Lead

Capital Garden finishes are so authentic and long lasting, even their owners have forgotten they are made of fiberglass. The Antique Faux Lead finish is applied in the US atop the unique factory base integral Lead Finish. Unlike many other cheaper fiberglass and resin products all of the finished colors are included in the original mix so the color goes all the way through - any scuffs or scratches which may occur in the garden will not be so obvious and finishes naturally weather like the intended surface replication.


Capital Gardens beautiful range of garden products are all made from high quality fiberglass. Light weight, robust, completely frost proof, non corrosive, UV resistant and maintenance free. 


SMALL - 16" L x 16" D x 16" H

MEDIUM - 20" L x 20" D x 20" H

LARGE - 24" L x 24" D x 24" H

X-LARGE - 39" L x 39" D x 39" H 

downing-street-xlarge-planter by Capital Garden

grosvenor-planter drainage opening