Twisted Hex Stackable Stool Set


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Set of 2 - Priced per pair


Don't stress if unexpected guests arrive – you'll always have seating solutions on hand with Tenjam's popular SPLASH Series Twisted Hex portable cushioned stool. Whether you require additional seating on your poolside tanning ledge or a few more chairs for your backyard barbecue, this stackable stool set provides comfort for any unexpected additions to your guest list.

Offered in WHITE GRANITE Finish in three heights (13", 15.5", and 18"), the SPLASH Series Twisted Hex stool combines stackable functionality with robust construction, featuring an anthracite gray cushioned surface made from durable, high-quality material akin to the soles of athletic shoes. Engineered to expertly accommodate up to 350 lbs., its lightweight design includes an open base and dual handholds, making it effortless to position the stool on your poolside or tanning ledge and swiftly move it to the patio for additional seating.

water-depth-rating hex stool


  • SOLD AS A SET OF 2 for Price Shown for each size

Please be aware that the Twisted Hex stool is not advisable for use in vinyl liner pools because of its narrower bottom edge contact point.

Surface Heat Warning: Seat cushion material does get hot in the sun. Just like plastic coolers, plastic stadium seats, and other waterproof plastic products.  It maybe necessary to splash the top cushion with pool water to bring the seating surface temperature down to a comfortable level prior to use.

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