STACK Maxi Bar Stool Set


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The Stack Maxi outdoor colletion is crafted from recycled plastic, showcasing a sleek, linear design and robust sections reminiscent of wooden strips. This distinctive composite material boasts a harmonious arrangement of multiple streaks, elegantly unified by the Terra color palette, and it boasts a textured, matte finish that exudes a vintage aesthetic. 

  • Regenerated uniformly colored fiberglass polypropylene resins with UV additives
  • Stackable Stools
  • Matte finish
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Made in Italy    
  • STOOL - 30.12" seat height - 18.9" W 
  • 10 lbs each - Stackable stools are tested to 440 pounds
  • TABLE - 46" H x 27.5" Top Radius  24lbs - Easy Assembly

The collection is available in Terra finish, a unique and textured single shade that is intentionally desaturated, bearing a resemblance to the earth's natural color, as implied by its name. The uneven coloration, transitioning into an array of brown hues, is not a flaw but rather an intentional characteristic of recycled plastic. Post-consumer plastic blends can exhibit slight variations in their properties due to the availability of plastic in different colors and the effects of time and use.

The Stack collection demands minimal upkeep, is built to withstand various weather conditions, and can be conveniently stored in a compact space. Stack is a part of Nardi's Regeneration industrial initiative, utilizing recycled plastic to craft outdoor furniture. This collection has earned recognition, receiving both the Green Good Design Award in 2022 and the Designs for Modern Furniture and Lighting® Award in the same year.

The products are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects when used in ordinary conditions.