Rad Pad - Poolside Seat Cushion


  • Rad Pad Caddy


WATERPROOF: similar cushioning material commonly used for athletic shoe soles
WEATHERPROOF: indoor and outdoor year-round performance
PROTECTIVE: Protect clothes and swimsuits from dirt and moisture when used poolside or on the ground
TEMPERATURE: It adds protection from the scorching temperature of many outdoor seating surfaces
WEIGHT: averages only 0.8 lbs per Rad Pad. Easy to carry
DURABLE: material maintains its cushioning ability through thousands of compression cycles
WASHABLE: wash in a sink or use a water hose outdoors.  Will not absorb soap or disinfecting chemicals
STAIN RESISTANT: paint? ink? Grass? Dirt? – most can be 100% removed with soap and water
SLIM DESIGN:  combination of bottom air flow design and ultra cushioning material 
SEAT HEIGHT IMPACT:  thin design will not drastically increase seat height when used as a chair cushion
SAFE: free of phthalates, heavy metals, and latex
RUGGED: holds up to years of use in high-traffic spaces



At Home: Works Great around the pool as a floor cushion or as a recreational floating object. Use it as a seat cushion on a hard chair or seat surface.

It will insulates you from hot, cold, or dirty seating surfaces. These are made out of the same material used to make Crocs foam shoes. Rad Pad competes against vinyl dipped pool seat cushions that are prone to crack and tear.

Rad Pad - One Size Fits EVERYONE
15.5″ Diameter x 1.5″ Height, 0.8 lbs

Rad Pads are not a certified personal floatation device (PFD) and cannot be substituted for certified PFD's

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