Piccadilly Lite Planter Collection | Riverstone

CAMPANIA International

7-10 days

piccadilly-planter-collection-riverstone Campania

PICCADILLY LITE COLLECTION - Campania's newest scratch resistant finish offered on these lightweight planters is a notch up on the quest for supreme durability and finish preservation. The good looks of the finish contribute to a beautiful bowl collection with lightweight characteristics and simple design profiles. 

  • Scratch Resistant - Commercial Quality Fiberglass
  • Produced by a Patented Process using Clay and Natural Materials
  • Durable, Non Flammable and Eco Friendly
  • Frost Resistant
  • U.V Resistant
  • Planting Drainage Hole in Base


(1) LARGE    - 29.50" w x 20.60" h

(2) MEDIUM - 24.50" w x 12.25" h  

(3) SMALL    - 17.75" w x   8.25" h 


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