Outdoor Artificial Plant Espalier Trellis Panel


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enduraleaf-trellis-plant options1-enduraleaf-green-sedum2-enduraleaf-gray-sedum3-enduraleaf-ligustrum4-enduraleaf-pachysandra5-enduraleaf-trellis-rearoutdoor-ivy-trellis-panels suitable for outdoor walls

Add Evergreen Elegance to an outdoor wall or fence with the Artificial Diamond Pattern Espalier panel.

Bring this beautiful detail to difficult to grow areas and fool everyone who will think its real topiary mastery. This versatile UV protected foliage covered Garden trellis is a classic diamond espalier design, and a perfect accent for blank or long walls or fences that need decoration. Live plantings can be difficult to grow and maintain, or leave seasons without color. This single sided foliage covered trellis, built on a 42" square white PVC frame, has long-lasting outdoor rated greenery attached and is easy to hang on a wall alone or combine several to make a larger pattern

  • Enduraleaf is UV rated for Outdoor use
  • Frame is built of PVC slats, 1.5" wide x .75" depth
  • Each Panel Measures 42" wide x 42" high x 4" deep
  • Garden Trellis must be mounted or attached to structure, it is NOT free-standing!
  • Mounting Hardware not supplied but fastening should be but a hardware trip away
Enduraleaf® branded material has unique proprietary built-in UV protection. If the Enduraleaf® branded materials show evidence of significant color loss, or loss of color consistency in the first five years of use,we will supply replacement material if available, or the closest equivalent product. New Growth Designs® liability is expressly limited to the material replacement.