Outdoor Artificial Cycas Palm Tree


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A High End, Long-Term Low Maintenance Solution for Exterior Landscapes

Invest in Polyblend® Outdoor Artificial Cycas Palm Trees. Polyblend® is derived from a premium resin formula that is used to enhance the performance of outdoor artificial foliage by 100% year-round. With its pliability and durability, and solid construction this material is weather-resistant and comes with a 5 year no fade warranty for use in harsh UV climates like Florida or Arizona.

Benefits of buying Polyblend® are:

  • FireSafe is suitable for High Profile / High Traffic areas
  • Environmentally Safe and Recyclable!
  • Blends beautifully with Live Foliage
  • Low Maintenance: No Watering, Easy to Clean
  • 5 Year Limited Fade Warranty


  • SMALL - 4.5' Tall with 9" Pipe Stem
  • Medium 5.5' Tall with 1'-7" Trunk and 9" Pipe Stem
  • LARGE - 7.5' Tall with 3'-7" Trunk and 9" Pipe Stem
  • X-LARGE - 8.5' Tall with 4'-6" Trank and 9" Pipe Stem
  • Polyblend Foliage with Internal Steel Trunk
  • 36 Fronds 
  • 68" Approx. Foliage Width
  • Containers not included
  • For Potting in Container or Earth  - Suggest use of cement as anchoring medium




Having over 45 successful years of experience with Polyblend® foliage, you can purchase with confidence! Each is provided with a worry-free 5 year warranty against fading and resin failure proven by Xenon Arc Laboratory Tests and Actual Field Tests in Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX. 

Polyblend® is a secret proprietary formulation of UV Inhibitors and UV Screeners to absorb the sunlight and protect the resin. How long will Polyblend® foliage provide suitable service? Southern regions of the U.S. such as Florida, Texas and Arizona with the most intense exposure to direct UV rays year round can expect up to 5 years of color consistency without any brittleness or cracking to the leaves. Solid steel or stiff wire framing provides additional support in other harsh weathering conditions including rain, wind or snow. 

With advanced technology, Enhanced Polyblend® formula allows for longer and better usage during very extreme weathering conditions such as intense heat and humidity, coastal air, or wind shear. Currently, Polyblend® foliage has been purchased and installed in various high-profile commercial locations world-wide with over 5+ and counting of service!