Long Beach Wall Fountain


2 Remaining; Allow 3-4 weeks to finish in your selected color

long-beach-fountain-headerThe LONG BEACH FOUNTAIN is a top selling modern wall fountain with copper pipe scuppers emitting just enough water to bring soothing sounds to the garden or courtyard. It is a self contained water feature (shown in Greystone Finish) designed for quick installation and long lasting benefits.  Hand fabricated from lightweight Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - (GFRC) weighing only 290 lbs. It is an alternative to a traditional stone fountain however this one is easier to ship, assemble and maneuver. Each fountain ships complete with its own recirculating pump, appropriate tubing and hoses for simple site connection and installation.

Each finish is custom applied after order



Minor assembly requirements for the pump and spout connections. (see instructions below) 

It is recommended that this fountain should be covered and drained in appropriate northern climates during freezing conditions.

campania-led fountain lighting-kit-1

campania-fountain led lighting-kit-2


66" L x 26.5" D x 48" H



Simplify the upkeep of your fountain with the help of a fountain float valve. Daily fountain use can lead to water loss from splashing and evaporation, especially in warmer climates. This efficient fountain auto filler removes the need for manual refilling, as it consistently maintains your desired water level.

This device is a hassle-free solution to maintaining your fountain's water level. With its auto-fill water level control, you can set your fountain on autopilot and enjoy the soothing sounds of water without interruption. Once installed, you can save time and effort while still enjoying the beauty of your fountain.


You need to install this fountain on a level surface. You will need a properly grounded 110-volt (AC only) GFCI protected receptacle near the fountain for your pump. All pumps are submersible and must be completely underwater to function properly. Test all pumps and adjust to full output prior to assembly. It is not recommended that fountains be placed directly on grass or dirt. Position the channel opening at the base of each fountain toward the electrical outlet to be used since the pump cord will be threaded through this opening.

  • Make sure you are assembling your fountain on a level surface.
  • Assemble the pump kit
  • Attach the 3/4" clear end of the tubing assembly to the pump.
  • Insert the 2” copper pipe provided about 1” into the 1/2” end of the tubing assembly.
  • Secure the copper pipe into place with a hose clamp.
  • Place the assembled pump kit into the basin next to the hose protruding from the inside back of the fountain.
  • Fit the copper pipe that you attached to the tubing assembly into the tubing protruding from inside the fountain.
  • Feed the pump cord through the hole in the back of the fountain.
  • Fit the #5 drain stopper into the drain hole.
  • Fill the fountain with water. 
The manufacturer will replace defective pumps for fountains up to 1 year after the ship date of the product