Ledge Lounger | Signature Underwater Stool | Barstool and Counter Heights


Seasonal leadtime 4-6 weeks
Minimum Purchase:
2 units
$56/unit Fed Ex
Ready in 1-3 Weeks:
White, Granite Gray, Sandstone, Cloud
Ready in 2-4 Weeks:
Light Blue, Dark Blue, Frost, Tan Teal, Coral, Mint

Fabrication 4-6 weeks


No tanning ledge is required for this stool - These innovative bar and counter height stools easily fill with water and descend to your pools floor to create versatile, movable in-pool seating. When taken out of the pool they continue to function and double their versatility around a table or bar setting.   



Signature stools stand upright in any water depth however the ideal functional depths listed below will provide an optimal in-pool experience:

  • Barstool suitable for water depths between 36"-52"
  • Counter Height Stool is ideal for water depths 24"-40"



Contoured for comfort and lower back support
Integrated handle on back of seat allows for easy relocation


Textured footrest prevents slipping
Rounded edges wont damage pools - even vinyl pools



Auto-water fill hole; Self Sinking and Self Righting
Easy Grip Handle
Adjustable feet allow for leveling on pool and patio surfaces

ledge-lounger-barstool-austin-texas underwater 

Each stool is quickly set up right out of the box. Simply submerge them into your pool to let them fill with water, adjust the bottom legs for your pool slope and you are ready to summon the bartender— quick steps for an indulgent pool experience.


    • Designed for residential or commercial use
    • Crafted from ultra-strong polyethylene
    • Color-stabilized for up to 16,000 hours of sun (UV16 rating)
    • Resistant to harsh chemicals and weather
    • Safe for vinyl pool ledges
    • Easy to empty seasonally to store over winter (in cold climates)
    • Adjustable feet for leveling
    • Available in 12 colors to blend or compliment your pool finish





ledge-lounger-Signature bar-stool-dimensionsledge-lounger-signature counter-stool-dimensions

BARSTOOL - 18"w x 17.8"d x 33"h - Seat Height 29.5"

COUNTER STOOL - 18"w x 18.2"d x 21.5"h - Seat Height 17.5"

Ledge Lounger® products are made to last and are backed by a two-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required. This warranty applies only to the original owner. This warranty is void if the products are structurally altered or subjected to stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. Normal wear and tear is not warranted. This warranty does not include any manufacturer responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of the products. Here is how to get your Ledge Lounger warranty claim reviewed: 1) Submit a warranty claim by contacting our SHOP botanik customer service team at 713-364-9669, or by emailing Please include your name, invoice number, contact information, pictures and a description of the problem. 2) Botanik will review the claim and repair or replace, at our option, any product determined by Ledge Lounger to be a manufacturer’s defect.