LEDGE LOUNGER | Signature 22 inch In-Pool Side Table


FedEX $39/ea

8-10 week fabrication lead-time

ledge-lounger-signature-side-table-22 ice holder with umbrella stand

Our most popular in-pool side table and for good reasons. Ledge Lounger's SIGNATURE 22" SIDE TABLE combines the convenience of the Ice Bin Side option with a curvilinear profile. This table can hold 10 beverage cans in its top cavity and accommodate your shading umbrella.  It's the perfect companion piece for either the Signature Chaise or Chair. Made from the same durable and UV color-stabilized material, it’s designed for ledges with up to 15 inches of water.

ledge-lounger-signature-table-22-in-pool ice holder

The Hourglass table form is available in 3 configurations to suit your preferences. You can opt for the base table that is supplied without a lid on top, or add one of two table top options to give you a larger surface for reading materials or refreshments. The solid top option is a single piece removable lid that covers the base unit.  The 2 piece top option is suitable for those using an umbrella as its top pole opening allows an umbrella to be used in conjunction with the top surface.

On top of its stylish hour-glass shape, the 22" SIDE TABLE is quick and easy to set up. Simply submerge it in your pool to fill with water and pull it onto the ledge. Once in place, the Table will stay put while you are lounging with this in-water accessory at your side.

Here are the 3 options for this table that can add to its functionality: (A) Base Table (B) Table with Solid Lid (C) Table with 2 piece Lid

signature side-table-ledge-lounger no lid

signature side-table-with-lid-ledge-lounger

signature side-table-with-lid-and-umbrella hole-ledge-lounger.png




The Table is designed for use in water up to 15 inches deep, and also works great on the deck, patio, or any outdoor environment.



  • Perfect for residential or commercial use
  • Built in 2" Umbrella Sleeve in center of base table base
  • Umbrella Top Option is a 2 piece assembly so you can access drinks
  • Designed for up to 15 inches of water
  • Crafted from ultra-strong polyethylene
  • Color-stabilized for up to 16,000 hours of sun (UV16 rating)
  • Resistant to harsh chemicals and weather
  • Safe for vinyl pools
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Available in 12 colors
  • DIMENSIONS: 22" L x 22" w x 18.5" h


Note: This Table will work with CHOICE, SELECT or DIAMOND umbrellas. If your pool’s tanning ledge features an umbrella hole, larger sizes of each can be used, but as a stand alone table umbrella stand the 6' and 8' sizes are recommended. 

ledge-lounger-signature-22-side-table-colorssignature-22-side-table-no-lid-top view from ledge lounger


Top viewpoint showing umbrella opening in table base

Water Table Depths and Options1Water Table Dimensions and Pricing


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