De Vesian Jar Planter | Terra Cotta


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Inspired by Classic Italian proportions the De Vesian Jar is a suitable decorative element for your garden either as a stand alone focal element or as part of a pair of entry planters at  your garden gate. Its beauty is in its tailored shape and authentic natural finish. 

Terra cotta planters are hand made from natural clay using traditional artisanal techniques and high-fired at temperatures between 990-1000 degrees centigrade to ensure frost resistance and durability.



DIMENSIONS: 25.25"W X 23.75"H

Weight: 103 lbs

Base: 11" Dia. | Inside Top: 13.75" Dia. | Inside Height: 23"


Materials: Natural clay

Care & Maintenance/Outdoor Planting Instructions: There is no such thing as a 100% frost-proof planter. The freeze-thaw cycles that occur in winter will cause any water in the container to freeze and expand which may cause the container to crack. It is best to store the item in a dry place out of the elements.  Terra Cotta planters are equipped with pre-installed drainage holes to allow for drainage. The drain holes must be kept clear to maintain the longevity of your planter, especially in climates that undergo freeze thaw cycles in the winter. If you are unable to bring a planter out of the elements: We recommend covering the drain holes with a mesh screen or equivalent to keep debris from clogging the openings; Filling the bottom of the planter with non-porous drainage material; Filling the remainder of the planter with a well-draining soil mix that will not retain water; and lastly, covering the soil with decorative mulch or pine bark to the top rim of the planter to discourage water from pooling on the surface. For indoor use, we can source saucers for special orders and plugs are available upon request.

Cleaning Instructions: Terra Cotta planters can be cleaned with either mild soapy water or Windex® with Ammonia-D. Spray down the surface of the planter where it is dirty and use a lint-free cloth or sponge to wipe the surface. Note that it may take several cycles of wiping and drying before the planter is completely clean. Do not pressure wash, use alcohol based cleaners, apply corrosive cleaners or clean with anything abrasive.