Loop Side Table

Tupelo Goods


loop-tanning-ledge-baja-shelf-chairThe Loop Table is a complementary piece to the Loop Chair, known for its durability, comfort, and aesthetic design. It can be used to hold drinks, books, or phones.

The table is made of heavy-duty UV resistant polyethylene and designed for outdoor use and in shallow pools with a maximum recommended depth of 8 inches.


While we encourage you to leave the table on the ledge when not in use, there are two situations we recommend you remove them from the pool:

  1. When highly concentrated chemicals are used (i.e. shock), we do recommend you remove the table and only return to the pool once chemical levels are back to normal.
  2. In the event of a freeze, please remove side table and drain for the duration of freeze.


To fill and empty the Loop table simply locate and remove the plug on the bottom of table with flat-head screwdriver. Do not discard. Submerge table in pool, allowing to fill with water through the opening and reinstall the plug to seal the chlorinated water inside.