Girona Fountain


Allow 3-4 weeks to finish in your selected color


With its blocky cylinder shape, the Girona Fountain notably resembles an oversized tea candle. A low profile, modern fountain it perfectly suits a diverse range of contemporary landscapes including and is great for patios, gardens, courtyards, and terraces.  Family and guests alike will enjoy the soothing sound of bubbling water cascading from its upright spout in one of 3 available sizes.

What's Included:  

  • Recirculating pump - 16 foot cord
  • All hardware and tubing required to properly assemble the fountain 
  • Full step by step installation instructions
  • Shown in Alpine Stone (AS)


  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)
  • Your Choice of Finish
  • Not Avaialable in NATURAL Finish


  • Fiber reinforced concrete construction
  • No plumbing is needed; water recirculates within the fountain
  • Plugs into any standard 3-prong 110 V electrical outlet
  • An outdoor-rated extension cord can be used to lengthen the cord
  • Wide choice of color options

Water Capacity:

  • 6 Foot holds 220 Gallons
  • 5 Foot holds 145 Gallons
  • 4 Foot holds 75 Gallons





girona-fountain-campania-sizes dimensions


Urban chic in a round, vanishing water feature with a bowl shape and low profile. The Girona Fountain captures a trendy vibe and remains sophisticated with a metropolitan design for contemporary outdoor living spaces. This modern water feature is made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) to be lightweight for areas you don’t want a heavy stone material. The Girona Fountain is an idea for a garden centerpiece in a landscape design or a patio seating area as a focal point. Bring the soothing sounds of nature to your home while and enhance the ambiance of your garden gathering areas. Wild birds will appreciate the wide, flat disk of gliding water and visit to bathe and drink.

FABRICATION Lead Time to Ship: Finished to-Order per stain color chosen. Finishing lead time 3-4 weeks.