DASH - Sunshelf Bench / Umbrella Table


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Introducing the SPLASH DASH: a versatile furniture piece that seamlessly transitions between a bench and a table, offering comfort and functionality. With seating for two, it serves as a convenient side table as well. The standout feature is its central opening designed for an umbrella, providing a practical solution for organizing belongings while offering shade.

Crafted using rotational molding techniques, the SPLASH DASH bench is made from water-safe UV polyethylene, ensuring durability both in and out of pools. Its waterproof and weather-resistant properties make it capable of withstanding various elements, suitable for use on tanning ledges with water depths of up to 10 inches. Note that umbrella use requires a built-in umbrella sleeve in the pool to support it.


Adaptable to various settings, the SPLASH DASH bench can be utilized as a comfortable sitting spot or as an umbrella table between chairs or loungers. The inclusion of open handles on both ends facilitates easy lifting and relocation, enhancing its practicality.


  • Central 2" opening for Umbrella passthrough
  • *Umbrella use requires a built in pool sleeve for anchor
  • Table does not "support" umbrella
  • Strong - Supports up to 750 lbs
  • Swapable cupholders (includes 2 black & 2 white)
  • 47" x 18" w x 16.5" H - 35 lbs