Danilo Lite - X Large Commercial Planter



XL DANILO LITE  - Campania's newest finishes are offered on these XLarge lightweight planters suitable for those locations that need size without extra weight. The good looks of each finish contributes to a beautiful planter with simple design profiles.

Lite®planters are rated for both indoor and outdoor use and frequently specified for rooftops and terraces, hospitality projects, public space installations, and restaurants. These giant pots are a great choice for jobs that do not allow for heavy-weight materials and where large scale plantings are required. Because of their light weight, fiberglass planters are easier to ship and handle on the job. Fiberglass planters can withstand UV exposure and extreme temperatures, from high heat to frostand can tolerate the seasonal thaw cycles. Additionally, they won’t corrode due to exposure or directcontact with soil. There is no need to use plastic liners with Campania’s Lite®plantersdanillo-specifications-x-large-planterdanilo-finishes.jpeg

  • Scratch Resistant - Commercial Quality
  • Durable, Non Flammable and Eco Friendly
  • Frost Resistant
  • U.V Resistant
  • Single Planting Drainage Hole in Base

X-Large - 35.5" w  x 30.5" h - 40 lbs
Base 21" Dia