Boxwood Column Topiary



 A 42" column topiary is covered with our long-lasting and realistic Enduraleaf Boxwood material, and is mounted on a realistic 36" trunk which is stabilized with an metal pole. The 76" tall topiary is secured into a 11" x 10" weighted nursery pot, ready to mount into one of our planters 16" or larger, or plant directly into the ground. This topiary is intended for outdoor use, and will add height to an entryway or an outdoor landscape.

  • Container type: Plastic nursery pot
  • Material: LDPE, iron, plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 13"L x 13"W x 76"H

New Growth Designs® backs all Enduraleaf® branded materials with a class-leading 5-year limited warranty. Enduraleaf® branded material has unique proprietary built-in UV protection. If the Enduraleaf® branded materials show evidence of significant color loss, or loss of color consistency in the first five years of use, New Growth Designs® will supply replacement material if available, or the closest equivalent product.

Enduraleaf® branded greenery is backed by the manufacturer with a class-leading 5-year limited warranty.