WOW / MOM Bench


Flame RED/WHITE are Stocked in the US; Other Colors by Order 8-10 Weeks from Italy

The Wow benches by SLIDE are offered in Red and White Finishes to add some FUN to your seating area

Italian designed and made, the one of a kind WOW / MOM BENCH is a polyethylene statement piece that does not go unnoticed whichever way you look at it. Turn the bench around and it becomes the MOM bench - perfect for that area where Moms gathering areas as they wait for the children.

It looks great in a playroom or a child’s bedroom and will last for a long time because it’s made out of Polyethylene, which has high impact strength and resists deformation. Also, if you turn the bench upside down, it becomes the Mom bench perfect for mom eating locations.

This bench is entirely made of polyethylene, sturdily built with the rotational mould technique. Stocked in the US for immediate shipping in Flame Red and WHITE. The Wow bench is also available by special order in a wide range of colors,  each characterized by a slightly rough surface to the touch with a matte finish. US Stocked Shipments typically run  2-3 weeks leadtime. 

 Look at these wow benches in this room how they pop