LOW LITA Coffee Table

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low-lita-table for coffee by the pool

LOW LITA COFFEE TABLE is a stylish low maintenance coffee table with a tempered glass inset that compliments pieces in the Low Lita collection. The collection was created by the Italian designer Paola Navone and manufactured by SLIDE. The slim design of the tabletop perfectly contrasts with the three sturdy legs that hold it and give to it a commercial rated stability. The design pays tribute to typical African seats, but its polyethylene makeup gives it a contemporary edge and a vibe of playfulness.

low-lita-coffee table

Practical and functional in outdoor open areas, each table will support beverages and decor suitable for the space. Used in gardens and terraces, the pieces from the Low Lita collection can stand on their own or grouped with sibling pieces. This table is the perfect item to help furnish a space with personality.

The Low Lita Coffee Table, like all SLIDE products, is made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding and available in a wide selection of colors. Lightweight, its functional and yet moveable by one person.





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