LOW LITA Anniversary Collection Set

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low-lita-anniversary collection in Italy

LOW LITA 10th Anniversary COLLECTION is a stylish one of a kind artistic outdoor furnishings set. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of its design this year, this unique black and white finish makes each piece unique and collectible. 

Set is comprised of (2) Armchairs | (1) Coffee Table | (1) Loveseat all in Black and White Poly Finish.


The collection was created by the Italian designer Paola Navone in 2008 and is still manufactured by SLIDE.  The design pays tribute to typical African seats, but its polyethylene makeup gives it a contemporary edge and a vibe of playfulness with the melding of colors.

Used in gardens and terraces, the anniversary pieces from the Low Lita collection can make a statement when they are grouped with sibling pieces. 


The Low Lita Collection, like all SLIDE products, is made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding and available in a wide selection of colors. Lightweight, its functional and yet moveable by one person.


Chair: 31w | 31h | 28d - $980

Table: 35w | 14h | 29d - $716

Loveseat: 46w | 28h | 31d - $1,574




Anniversary Custom Colors  Black / White Mixture - No two pieces are alike