Inda Firefly Rechargeable LED Torch

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Cordless and Rechargeable.

From The INDA Cordless Outdoor Lighting Collection comes this new INDA LED TORCH for your garden or entertainment venue - It brings a brand new approach to garden lighting when you need that tropical touch without the hassles of torch fuel or electrical cords.inda-firefly-led-rechargeable-torch.jpg

These outdoor cordless torches are marvels of gorgeous, forward-thinking design. Crafted to cast a warm golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties, they are also the perfect solution for homeowners and designers frustrated by a lack of electrical power points. You can now place them anywhere you would place a garden torch without the fuel odors or citronella smells.  INDA LED TORCHES allow you to set the mood whenever and however you like.

INDA’s warm white LED lights are easily transferred from lamp base to charging plate and back again, where a fully charged light will radiate for nearly seven(7) full hours.

  • Ready to assemble: Product requires simple assembly ( see video below)
  • Includes 3 individual Eucalyptus wood pole sections in matte weathered gray finish (13.5" each) that can be used or removed to adjust lamp height
  • Includes warm white LED rechargeable light with locking base, charging base and cord
  • Optional accessories available including individual light modules, additional light/charger sets and a 6-pack multi charger
  • Powder Coated Steel Ground Anchor
  • Torch Shades are 3-panel UV-resistant polypropylene in Soft Pearl with anodized aluminum frame
  • USA and international patents pending


ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS from 38.5" to 65.5"H x 7"D (38.5" | 52" | 65.5")



Assembly INSTRUCTIONS in PDF format