Bamboo Les Trois Planter

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Flat Rate $39.00/pc

slide-bamboo-plantersThe creative BAMBOO CACHEPOT PLANTER by SLIDE Design is a multipurpose designed flowerpot, resembling several thick stalks of bamboo arranged in a row. Designed by Tous Les Trois and crafted from polyethylene, this planter is easy to pick up and move, yet durable enough to weather all sorts of weather conditions. Place it in your garden or around your outdoor furniture for a floral decorative accent. 

These make great dividers of space indoors or out when installed end to end.

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Made In Italy
  • Containers ship without drain holes; DIY for exterior use
  • Color: Elephant Grey, Saffron Yellow
  • Width 42", Height 32", Depth 11", Weight 31Lbs